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My creation: The Steampunk Fuzz Station.  Prolly not going to sell unless someone offers me a recockulous price since I cannot make any more.  The company no longer makes these sprockets!  I need some more of these, so let me know if there are still some of these at your local craft store.

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You pedal porn loving pervs can now order our pedals with the greatest of ease.  You owe it to yourself to check this stuff out!

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We are finally on Instagram!

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While all Blue Skool Germanium Fuzzes sound tits, this particular one is pure magic. So much so that we are tempted to keep it for ourselves. This one is a limited-run NOS germanium fuzz face with Roger Mayer mods, and offers the most perfect tone imaginable and lots of sustain that decays into an octave up. For the time being, this one is at

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These are limited run since Germanium transistors that sound like these are so hard to come by.  Dead serious here: if you want the BEST and most reliable Germanium Fuzz Face clone, this is it.  Period.  Ask anyone that has one.  Get yours at

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Honestly- this pedal might be too good for all of you…may keep it.  For the time being, it is at #KeithHollandGuitars for sale.  I plan on building many more.

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#BlueSkoolRecords #DominoEffect Overdrive with mods!  

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This is a GuitarPCB pedal built in the Cornish G2-ish style, though not a clone by any stretch.  That one switch change both sets of diodes in two different parts of the circuit at once!  3 position: 1. Germanium Diode. 2. No Diodes. 3. Silicon Diodes.  Sounds Amazing!  Let me know if you want one.

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